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Polyacrylic Resin Ⅲ

Polyacrylic Resin Ⅲ

Polyacrylic Resin Ⅲ
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Update Time2021-01-19
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Polyacrylic resin Ⅲ

 CAS: 9003-01-04




 Specifications: Conforms to standard CP2010

Viscosity Pa.s≤50*10-3
Loss on drying%≤10.0
Acid value210-240
Heavy metals%≤0.003

 Physical properties:

Character: White stick or powder; produce pieces in ethanol easily; dissoluble in warm ethanol; insoluble in water.

 USE: The product is mainly used as the intestines dissoluble coating material of the troche, pill, grain and film-forming agent of the capsule shell and tiny vesica etc.It is also can be used as the coating materials and skeleton materials of dilution-delaying agent.The use pattern of polyacrylic resin Ⅱand polyacrylic resin Ⅲ is dissolving by 95 percent ethanol.It can be completely moistened, separated, laying it more than 10 hours up, it can be completely dissolved. The matched concentration is 5 to 10 percent. The dosage of common resin is 4 to 8 of the troche.

 Package: It's packed in paper box and lining with polyethylene film bag Net Weight 10KG per box.

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