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Cadmium Nitrate

Cadmium Nitrate

Cadmium Nitrate
CategoriesMetal Salt
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Grade StandardIndustrial Grade
Update Time2021-01-19
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CAS NO. 10325-94-7 Cadmium nitrate with best price 

basic information: Cadmium nitrate CAS NO. 10325-94-7


 Product Name Cadmium nitrate
 SynonymsCADMIUM NITRATE;ai3-51840;Cadmium standard for AAS;Cadmium, certified metal standard solution for atomic spectrometry;Bis(nitric acid) cadmium;Bisnitric acid cadmium salt;Dinitric acid cadmium salt;CadMiniuM Nitrate
 CAS 10325-94-7
 MF CdN2O6
 MW 236.42
 EINECS 233-710-6


Chemical Properties: Cadmium nitrate CAS NO. 10325-94-7


Melting point  59.4℃
Boiling point  132℃
density  2.455(17/4℃)
Merck  13,1622



 Test:Cadmium nitrate CAS NO. 10325-94-7

Major Indexes
Chemical PureIndustrial Grade
[Cd(NO3)2·4H2O],   % ≥98.598.0
Aqueous solution reactionqualifiedqualified
Clarity testqualifiedqualified
Water insoluble,   % ≤0.010.05
ChlorideCl,  % ≤0.0010.01
SulfateSO4,  % ≤0.0030.02
Fe,%   ≤0.00050.005
Pd,%   ≤0.010.05
Sulfide insolublebased on sulfate,  % ≤0.20.5
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